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Water Rescue


P.O. Box 1, Via Buonarroti, 43a
20064 GORGONZOLA (MI), Italia

Telefono +39.02.95383851 (r.a.)
Telefax +39.02.95383815

P. Iva 11398750155




HTI č il concessonario italiano della Textron Marine & Land ed č a completa disposizione per ogni eventuale informazione. Sopratutto č lieto di invitarvi a visitare i nostri stabilimenti a New Orleans, in Luisiana, dove potrete provare le nostre barche e motoscafi.

Textron Marine & Land produce, progetta e fornisce assistenza alle forze armate di ben 35 Paesi nel mondo.

Textron Marine fornisce su tutte le proprie imbarcazioni in alluminio una garanzia da corrosione e ossidazione, per almeno cinquant'anni dal loro varo, con una manutenzione minima ed assolutamente economica. Sempre che si rispettino le sostituzioni degli anodi sacrificali e le manutenzioni programmate.

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A new generation of Life Rescue and Patrol Boats is available from Hi tech International the developers of the European Patrol Boat (EPB) series. Designed using the latest sea technology including, KevlarŽ or AramidŽ hulls as well as traditional materials such as aluminium, fibreglass, steel or even wood.

The special design of the V-Hull allows the European Patrol Boat (EPB) to reach speeds of 60 to 85 knots with the lowest fuel consumption of its class and the highest comfort level due to the fluid shock absorbers incorporated in the hull profile.

Patented closed cells foam rings along the perimeter, protected by 860 Hypalon anti-cutting, guarantees the self floating buoyancy of EPB during any weather and all sea conditions.

EPB are guaranteed 25 years excluding motors which have a only 5 years guarantee.

EPB is naturally self righting in less than 6 seconds in case of roll over. Sizes are available from 16 up to 70 feet with out board motors, diesel or gasoline, propeller or waterjet as specified by the customer.

The EPB is also available in KevlarŽ hull bulletproof up to level IV A.

Many options are available including: air conditioned, night visors, plotter, radars, search lights, gps, satellite communication systems, internet, ... please do not hesitate to ask.

Your commitment is our success.